Meetings take place Sunday morning; there is a prayer, full breakfast and Synagogue leaders giving short lectures about the meaning of the holidays, Jewish laws, and life. Open to anyone and everyone that may be interested!

The Breakfast Club began in the 1950s as the Minyan Club, started by a group of friends who brought wine or Schnapps in for kaddish. Eventually they began collecting money from the congregation and started preparing bagels and lox (along with the wine and Schnapps, of course). Our Rabbi in emeritus, Rabbi Josiah Derby gave lectures and long time RPJC member, Victor Fetaya organized the lectures, lox, and libations into an official club- The Breakfast Club. Coming up on 65 years, the Breakfast Club is the oldest organized group of the Rego Park Jewish Center and still going strong.

For more information please contact the RPJC
office at 718-459-1000