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The Special Events Group. meets to create and initiate cultural, educational and entertaining events for the Rego Park Jewish Center. The following events are held monthly from September through June; The Parashat and Haftarat Club, Women In Judaism Series, The Poetry and Literary Circle, and Film Festival.

Concerts are held during the Chanukah Festival and Celebration of Israel's Anniversary and Jerusalem Day. There is a special luncheon for Tu B'Shvat. Biblical Dramas are presented during Purim and throughout the year.

We invite members and supporters of our synagogue/center to participate and join the Special Events Club.

For more information call 718.459.1000

Film Festival

The Film Festival continues throughout the summer, in the comfortable Crystal Ballroom Theater.

Refreshments - $5.00 donation

Thank you for your support during this season's film series and I hope more of you will experience the enjoyment of specially selected comedies and dramas this coming year.

For dates of future film viewings please go to the calendar.

Jonathan Lederer and Barbara Arion

Parashat and Haftarat Club

The Parashat and Haftarat Club meets once a month to participate in a discussion of a chosen parashat that month and the Haftarat of that prophet connected with the parashat.

Rabbi Romiel Daniel gives an overview of the parashat. Charles Lehat discusses the Haftarat giving an analysis of the prophets life and time - and history of that period.

Held after the Sabbath Service at 12:30P.M. A lite bite is served. This is a very popular session!

Poetry Lovers

The Poetry and Literary Circle meets 4 or 5 times during the year. The focus is giving local poets and writers an opportunity to be heard and enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere.

Refreshments are served - admittance $3.00. Invited are all those who enjoy listening to readings of poetry and literary works.

A Biblical Drama project is dramatizing the actions of the personalities in the Biblical family, the Purim story and others in a humorous vein. Actors and writers are welcome to participate.

Call 718.459.1000

Queens Jewish Community Council

The Queens Jewish Community Council works with the Rego Park Jewish Center in co-sponsoring programs, entertainment, and particularly the Women in Judaism Series. Cynthia Zalisky, Executive Director of the Q.J.C.C., is the lecturer drawing a devoted group of women. Empowerment and Women's role in Jewish History is discussed.

The Q.J.C.C. alerts the center about important Jewish community activities and needs. Q.J.C.C. serves the elderly, poor and homeless with counseling, offers a kosher food pantry to those in need, and lifeline are just a few activities.

For more information call 718.544.9033

Singles Dance

Dances are held generally once a month on Sundays from 2:00PM to 6:00PM at the center.

Young and older groups - single parents welcomed. Ages 45 plus.

There are always prizes and a delicious assortment of refreshments such as; danishes, cakes, rolls, nuts, raisns, coffee and tea). Our music is by Andrew Forman.

Future Singles Dance dates please visit our calendar.

For additional information call Bernice Mandell. 718.459.1000.

Women in Judaism

The Women In Judaism Series meets once a month to discuss the role women played in our heritage throughout Jewish history. Featured are Lectures by Cynthia Zalisky, Executive Director of the Queens Jewish Community Council, and presentations by Noreen Daniel, a B'nai Israel Jew of India, discussing Jewish Women's roles in cultures throughout the world.

Focus of the Series is the empowerment of Jewish Women.

lease check the calendar for future meetings or call 718.459.1000.