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Sisterhood has been an affiliate of RPJC since it was founded.. We are connected with Women’s League for Conservative Judaism and are an active participant of all the activities of our North Shore Long Island Branch of Women’s League.

Our aims are :

In the Synagogue: We are dedicated to create a woman-to-woman network for our members. Together we can impact on the lives of the women in our synagogues and insure the future of Conservative/Masorti Judaism. We sustain educational programs, which include International Days of Study – whose topics have ranged from the Five Megillot, to Divrei Hokhmah – the Ten Commandments, and the Book of Proverbs.

We sponsor special programs and treats for the congregation and community on Purim, Chanukah. We encourage and have been successful with adult Bat Mitzvah classes. We are in the process of establishing a women’s Rosh Chodesh group – Rosh Chodesh is a woman’s holiday.

Our monthly meetings always begin with a Devar Torah and emphasize/explain our traditions & Holidays at the appropriate time. At Sukkot Sisterhood is busy in helping to decorate our beautiful Sukkah. The Shabbat of Sukkot, we have in the Sukkah, a Learn-In which is open to the whole community.

In November, we have our Shabbaton- Friday evening services, followed by a traditional Shabbat Dinner. The next morning Sisterhood sponsors the congregational Kiddush. Shabbat afternoon we have a tea for our members and a learning session At Shavu’ot, we serve a delicious dairy lunch.

Our Gift Shop is well stocked with Mezzuzot, Tallits, Kippas, Kiddush Cups, Challah plates, knives, & Challah covers, Chanukah Menorahs, Seder plates, Matzoh covers & boxes, Siddurs, candlesticks, Yahrzeit lamps, etc- & other items from Israel.

In the Family: We try to understand & explain our Jewish heritage. We develop [& teach our children] a Jewish pattern of life through home observance & holiday celebrations. There are 3 woman’s mitzvot related to the home and family. According to Jewish tradition, women should fulfill the following three mitzvot. 1. Nerot (lighting candles) 2. Challah (separating a portion of the dough) 3. Niddah ( immersion in a ritual bath or Mikvah after her menstrual period.)

In the Community: We have a state of the art recording studio. Our Talking Books volunteer program where, under the auspices & guidance of the Jewish Braille Institute of America, and the Library of Congress. we have made many tapes and recorded many books – including “Schindler’s List,” in French. We have a very dedicated group of women and men who perform this important mitzvah. We have an active and most dedicated ”Bikur Cholim,” group.We visit the sick & homebound, including visits to hospitals & nursing homes. We are aware of & aid the elderly, persons with disabilities, battered children & women. We are active in political advocacy & asocial action.

In the World: We support Israel & the Conservative/Masorti Movement & Jewish communities world wide. We have a special {twinning} relationship with a Conservative congregation in Israel – Amitai located in Ra’anana. Our annual Torah Brunch honors one of our members and raises funds for the Jewish Theological Seminary Of America – these funds are used to train future rabbis, cantors, teachers and lay leaders.

Sisterhood in Our Personal Lives: We attend branch & national conferences, as well as our local meetings which afford us many opportunities & programs for personal growth, Jewish involvement, cultural enrichment, and educational pursuits: establish lasting relationships & friends; share in life cycle events & network for social, educational & business contacts.

For more information please contact the center's office. 718.459.1000

Yiddish Vinkel

What better way to celebrate the season than to come to our Yiddish Vinkel. We speak Yiddish stories and poems and sing Yiddish songs.

The atmosphere is warm and "frailach".

We meet every Wednesday afternoon at 12:30P.M. and we also enjoy cake and coffee. So come and have fargeneegen.

For more information please contact the Mildred Pelton. 718.459.1000

Sisterhood Officers


Ruth Loewenstein

V.P. Programs & Education

Agnes Posner

V.P. Membership

Mildred Berger

V.P. Ways & Means

Lorraine Rubin


Fritzie Silver

Recording Secretary

Mildred Pelton

Corresponding Secretary

Ruthe Unger

Play bingo every Tuesday night