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The Men’s Club would like to wish everyone a hearty L’Shanah Tovah as we embark on a very ambitious year. Our first event is scheduled to take place on Friday night, October 9th, with a dinner in the Sukkah. The event has very limited space; only 60 people can fit comfortably.

We are contemplating doing a New Years Eve party, and we would like to hear from those who would consider attending. We would have a full dinner as well as music and more! The price range being considered is from $60 to $75 per person. Please drop us a note if you are interested in attending so we can gauge the interest. There will be more details on these programs and others in the October Bulletin.

Have a great year, and this year, let the men of the Rego Park Jewish Center come front and center to add to our mutual community. See you at the meetings!

For more information please contact the center's office. 718.459.1000

Men's Club Officers


Jack Alkana

1st Vice President

Jack Siegel

Recording Secretary

Ken Sasmor

Play bingo every Tuesday night