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Historically, the Synagogue has been the single most important force in the continuation of our people and in the preservation of a glorious year old spiritual heritage from the time of Abraham and Sarah.

The Rego Park Jewish Center is proud to be part of this great legacy since it's founding in 1939. A traditional Conservative Synagogue, the Center understands as its primary purpose, the preservation and fostering of the time-honored traditions and ceremonies of our people in a spirit of authenticity, intelligence and warmth.

The religious leadership of the Center have an unusual blend of the old and the new commitment to Halakhic Judaism and concern for issues of the modern world,as well as warmth, sensitivity, and compassion. Jews of every persuasion,regardless of their level of observance or religious background, are encouraged to be part of this great legacy and to affiliate with us and will be made to feel welcomed and part of our family.

Who's Who?
Professional Staff

Romiel Daniel

Office Manager:
Lynne Goldwaser

Executive Staff

Rabbi Romiel Daniel

Chariman of the Board:
Ruth Loewenstein

1st Vice President:
Martin Novzen

2nd Vice President:
Jack Alkana

3rd Vice President:
Ruthe Unger

Recording Secretary:
Sandi Goodman

Corresponding Secretary:
Ruth Loewenstein

Financial Secretary:
Martin Cantor

Founders of the Temple

These are the original founders of the Rego Park Jewish Center.
From left to right are William Cooper, Marcus Marks, Rabbi Derby, Iriving Lookstein, Max Orlinsky, Harris Herman.

Visit from Eleanor Roosevelt

Marcus Marks accepting a plaque honoring Rego Park Jewish Center from Eleanor Roosevelt.
Also in attendance were from left to right - Harris Herman and Rabbi Derby.