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A group of men and women living in Queens, New York had a vision of a great temple in their neighborhood. Through dedication and devotion they broke ground for the Rego Park Jewish Center in 1939.

Once built, the temple became the meeting place for men, women and children of all ages. In a few short years the membership grew to over 1000 families. High Holy Days were held in two locations within the temple and even then, there was standing room only.

The Hebrew school has educated more than 5000 children from kindergarten through high school.

Our many activities such as Single's Dances, Sisterhood, Yiddish Vinkel and Men's Club have brought hundreds of New Yorkers together since the early 1940's. In fact, if you had asked a New Yorker back then, where to go to meet singles, the answer you may have heard would be the Rego Park Jewish Center Dances.

The tradition has been handed down through the years. Today, if you ask a New Yorker the same question, the answer will probably still be the Rego Park Jewish Center Dances.

The next few years will be difficult for all of us. Having the Rego Park Jewish Center as your support will make these times a little more manageable. Our congregation is warm and friendly and is always there when someone is in need. Let us help each other in these uncertain times. All are invited to -

Grow with us and enlighten your lives.

treasured memories
I remember when..... The Solomon Schechter Jewish Day School founded by the Conservative movement was started in Queens, through the efforts of Rabbi Josiah Derby and the Rabbi of the Forest Hills Jewish Center. The first elementary classes were held at the Rego Park Jewish Center in the early 1960s. My son, Leslie Lobel, was one of the first students. As parents, we were involved in fund-raising to build a school on Parsons Blvd., where it is still situated.
We were proud to also participate as one of the founders to help build the Youth Building for a Hebrew School to educate more than 150 children. The Saunders Street building attached to our synagogue building is now used for the Life Skills School students.

I remember when..... During Israel’s 6 day war in 1967, the surrounding Arab countries invaded Israel, and beleagured Israel, with very few weapons, needed the support of Jews worldwide. Our synagogue doors were opened wide to hundreds of men, women and children that poured into the Synagogue to first throw funds into the large bushel baskets to buy the desperately needed weapons and medical supplies for Israel. Prayers and speeches for the victory of Israel were offered during the day and night, all week long!

I remember ..... The wonderful professional choir directed by Claire Lowy, Cantor Lowy’s very talented wife. Our congregation enjoyed the choir during the High Holy Days and during special Holidays. Throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s, the choir sang from the choir loft, artistically shielded at the back top of the bima. By the way, there was an organ in the loft, used for weddings.
Lee Lobel-Zwang

Who's Who?
Professional Staff

Samuel Waidenbaum

Office Manager:
Lynne Goldwaser

Executive Staff

Romiel Daniel

Chariman of the Board:
Ruth Loewenstein

Vice Chairman:
Irving Finkel

1st Vice President:
Martin Novzen

2nd Vice President:
Jack Alkana

3rd Vice President:
Ken Sasmor

4th Vice President:
Ruthe Unger

John Stern

Recording Secretary:
Mark Hochberg

Corresponding Secretary:
Harvey Katz

Financial Secretary:
Martin Cantor

special events

All Year
70th Anniversary Special. Special membership rates for new members.

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June 7, 2009
We enjoyed an afternoon of BBQ catered by Ben's Best - with live music. We learned about the many exciting events planned for all members of their family.

June 28, 2009
We enjoyed a wonderful evening at our 70th Anniversary Journal Dance

view Journal Dinner Dance 2009

August 16, 2009

FRIENDSHIP CARAVAN is coming in honor of our 70th Anniversary Celebration

AT 2:30 P.M.

Ten talented 17 year old girl and boy scouts will thrill us with their singing & dancing, telling stories touching our hearts and souls, with their exhuberant, impassioned spirit of the youth of Israel.

Come welcome them with open arms - “They, too, are our children!”

Tickets on Sale in Advance - $10 Tickets at the Door - $12

check back for more events throughout the year

Founders of the Temple

These are the original founders of the Rego Park Jewish Center.
From left to right are William Cooper, Marcus Marks, Rabbi Derby, Iriving Lookstein, Max Orlinsky, Harris Herman.

Visit from Eleanor Roosevelt

Marcus Marks accepting a plaque honoring Rego Park Jewish Center from Eleanor Roosevelt.
Also in attendance were from left to right - Harris Herman and Rabbi Derby.