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Welcome to the Rego Park Jewish Center
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We provide a loving fellowship for Jews of all backgrounds and cultures.

No matter what level of observance, Shabbat and Holiday services are spiritually enriching and inspiring.

Services Saturday morning are at 9:00 A.M.
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Fast Facts
Sivan is the third month of the Jewish calendar.
Sivan comes at the same time as the secular months May/June.
The mazal (constellation) for Sivan is Gemini, the teomim (twins). We can think of the twins as symbolizing the two identical "tablets of the covenant" given to Moses during the month of Sivan.
Tradition teaches that it was on Rosh Hodesh Sivan that the Israelites "camped at the foot of Sinai" in preparation to receive the Torah (Exodus 19:6). The verb used for "camped" in Exodus 19:6 is in the singular. It is taught that at the moment the Israelites determined to receive the Torah, they were united in heart and mind like a single person. Sivan's symbol of the twins—two distinct human beings sharing one womb—can represent the harmony that comes when people celebrate their differences while coming together to work for a common, higher goal, such as receiving and following the Torah.

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Daily Minyan Urgent Request

The morning and afternoon minyans are fragile and exist without a strong safety net of men to make a minyan if some of our regulars do not come.

If you are observing the yahrzeit of a loved one and it falls on a day when we do not have a minyan you would be upset and rightly so. We need you not only when you are observing yahrzeit, but a few days each month to insure that someone else will be able to say kaddish. A few days each month is not too much to ask.

By doing a mitzvah, you will be rewarded with a bigger mitzvah. Please contact the Rabbi or the Center office with your name and phone number; & when and how often & what time (morning/afternoon?) you can commit.